Omega’s Misfits (2014-present)

Comic series set in the universe of Mass Effect video games developed by BioWare, a division of Electronic Arts. The story tells about ex-Alliance soldier finding his paths in unfriendly Terminus System, living day by day working as individual mercenary and being hired by various employers. That is, until he meets his old Alliance buddy, who offers him new opportunity. The one not including Alliance service of course. Some rich businessman is founding a new "delivery and security" service, which main character has to lead.

This project is developed in cooperation with Oskar "MAC" Linowski, who is responsible for sketches and coloring, while I’m responsible for editing, special effects and dialogues.


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Los Alamos Comics and Stories (2010-2014)

This comics are stories from FOnline – massively multiplayer video game set in the universe of Fallout series. Each issue references to something heard or encountered by Los Alamos Warriors player faction and is targeted to other players knowing the lore.

LAC and LAS projects are developed in cooperation with Oskar "MAC" Linowski, who is responsible for sketches, while I’m responsible for editing, digitalization and coloring. However, in recent issues, especially Los Alamos Stories, I wasn’t yet able to finish my work in digitalization, thus this role has been passed over to "MAC".


Los Alamos Comics
Los Alamos Stories


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I have also been involved in website design, programming and administrating. My first homesite was finished in 2003 and since then it had many updates and remakes. But that wasn’t the only project I’ve worked on. There were many smaller websites, as well as important page of "ByQ" server and community in Counter-Strike: Source video game. In this case, I was responsible for programming based on graphical concept by "Emti" and webstering the site. Unfortunately, "ByQ" community has scattered across the Internet and other video games. The official website is no longer available.


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Something always lured me to drawing in free time. Crayons, pens, pencils and finally digital graphic editors. Some plans drawn with pencil evolved to interactive 3D levels in time.


Visiting unusual places and appreciating the view creates the need to share such moments with others. Camera is a tool just for that, though it doesn't capture a full impression. Field work in land surveying and natal curiosity allows me to bring natural and engineering wonders to the public.


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33 years old land and utility surveyor, experienced gamer and level designer, the Master of Science Engineering (MSc Eng) in the field of Land Surveying and Cartography at Koszalin University of Technology. The fan of post-apocalyptic, science-fiction and military theme. Previously airsoft player.

PC gaming experience include mostly tactical games, battlefield simulators, role-play and shooters which use realism, science fiction and post-apocalypse motives. I also started to catch up with recent fantasy games. My most important game titles are:

Fallout, Mass Effect, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Rainbow Six, Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault (ArmA), The Witcher, Dragon Age and many others...


LinkedIn: Artur Schmidt
Facebook: FrozenArtur
Gadu-Gadu: 6463834